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London, UK
January 30, 2018

Audiotube Brings Disruptive Digital Music Platform to Market

Audiotube, a UK based Independent Digital Distributor pioneering fair trade music distribution has collaborated with Google Cloud to develop a platform that commoditises the cost of Global digital distribution, allowing Independent Artists and Independent Record Labels from all over the world to benefit from one of the most affordable and transparent digital distribution solutions on the planet. For £1.25 / $1.25 / €1.25 per month and a small 1.75% commission on royalty an Artist using Audiotube can distribute as many of their music tracks and music videos as they like to all the top Digital Service Providers on the planet (Google Play, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, VEVO, Tidal, Deezer, Pandora, Simfy Africa, Saavn, etc). Google Cloud powers the Audiotube platform enabling Audiotube to pass on such a low cost to entry for its users.

Scott de Mercado, Audiotube’s CEO says; “We are living in a new age where technology can not only make our lives easier but also more affordable. The music industry has seen incredible change over the past few years the most notable being the emergence of Streaming. With more and more digital stores online Artists and Labels need a solution that facilitates distribution and royalty collection. More important, they need a solution that does this in an affordable and transparent way. Working closely with Google Cloud, Audiotube has developed and delivered one of the most affordable and transparent distribution solutions on the planet. As we enter 2018 we look forward to also releasing the Audiotube A.I. Manager as well as the Audiotube Digital Marketing Algorithm that will help our Artists and Labels better arbitrage between Digital Marketing spend and return on investment. This new functionality will again be powered by Google Cloud technology and is a great example of taking the best of Google’s powerful datamining and processing tech and passing it on to our users.”

Matt McNeill, Head of Google Cloud, UK & Ireland says; “We fully support small and digital businesses to develop new products and scale operations to serve their own customers. Audiotube’s use of Cloud technologies to rapidly and efficient launch a disruptive global digital distribution platform, without the need for millions in CAPEX expenditure, is a perfect example of how Cloud technology can help bring a good idea to market no matter what the size of the business.”

About Audiotube

Audiotube delivers “fair trade” digital music distribution. They put content owners first, and provide affordable, accountable, efficient and transparent solutions for distribution, marketing and monetisation. Their all-in- one Content Management System (CMS) meets every need: Host, manage, distribute, promote and monetise content with easy- to-use features ensuring maximum impact with minimum effort.